Michael Torosian on his Lumiere Press

Over the years I’ve acquired several of the books published by Lumiere Press. “Harlem: Gordon Parks”, “Blackstar”, “David Heath: Korea”, “Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane - A Firefly's Light” & “Saul Leiter: The Ballad of Soames Bantry”.

This is a very interesting interview by Nigel Beale THE BIBLIO FILE about the process and history of Lumiere Press. It’s one hour long but well worth it.

Lumiere Press is the private press of Michael Torosian. In the fine press tradition, the books are composed in lead, hand printed and hand bound. The press is devoted exclusively to photography, and each book aspires in its concept, graphic design, and bookmaking craftsmanship to be the manifestation of its artistic content. The shop's first printing press was acquired in 1981, and in 1986 the publishing program was launched with the publication of Edward Weston: Dedicated to Simplicity.