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All images ©1988-2018 Jürgen Vogt.

Portrait Project Statement

These Photographs were made to reflect the Subject’s Nature, to get a brief and casual look into their lives without prying or trying to promote or sell them. It’s simply a matter of here they are, a snapshot.

The images were made without lighting, makeup or special props. When I get to the location I discuss the project with the Artist. We walk around the house or studio and decide where they would like to be photographed, a place where they are most relaxed and at ease.

All the photographs are taken with a Large Format Camera and 4“x 5” Black & White film. I then develop the film and scan it. A digital print is made. There are no manipulations to the image. The only work done on the image is what I would normally do in a wet darkroom.

Because I don't have a darkroom anymore I've been using a DSLR Camera since 2016 and will probably continue to do so.

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