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Several years ago, I decided it was time to try a WordPress website. After reading quite few reviews for all kinds of options, I decided to use PhotoCrati on self hosted wordpress site. One of the features that convinced me was the ability to add e-commerce to my website.

With Photocrati, there are some 60 different designs to select from right out of the box.  All are part of one main wordpress theme. You switch between them from inside the “Theme Options”. Once you have selected a theme style, you can use the “Customize Theme” panel to change colors, fonts and most importantly CSS styles.

If you want to set up an impressive photography website that doesn’t look like all the other sites out there, and retain the ability to change the design and galleries, Photocrati is a great solution. If you want to use it as a image sales tool, Photocrati is also a good solution, although, I have mixed feeling about it.

If you are only interested is selling prints, or a small number of downloadable images, Photocrati with the NextGen Gallery (Free) & NextGen Pro ($80.00) plugins, is  a great solution. It will fulfill all your needs. But if you are selling a lot of stock images, which are downloadable only, it is a disappointment. The main problem is that there is no search by keyword feature. If you have several hundred images to sell, your client will have to look through all the images to find the one they want. Clients are not going to do that, especially when just about every stock website has a keyword search where they can find what they want quickly. A workaround would be to put up galleries for every main keyword. This means a lot of duplication of images as one image may be attached to several keywords, and a lot of galleries. Or, you could put a keyword cloud on your page. But when you have hundreds of keywords this is impractical as well.

Secondly, if you click on an image to add it to your lightbox, the whole gallery gets added. There seems to be no lightbox that holds the individual images for later viewing. So again, if the client wants to see a particular image, they don’t want to see all rest as well. Annoying!

So for now I use Photocrati as a blog only platform. I have a separate website and sell my stock images through stock agencies. Hopefully Photocrati/NextGen will address these issues in the near future. Still, Photocrati is one of the better platforms out there.

NextGen Gallery

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